[funsec] 'Little Red Book' Draws Government's Attention

Nick FitzGerald nick at virus-l.demon.co.uk
Tue Dec 20 04:57:17 CST 2005

Richard M. Smith wrote:

> Besides Rathergate, another very good example of the media and the Bush
> administration using unverified sources with dubious motives is the PR
> campaign to get the U.S. to invade Iraq.  Basically none of the stories told
> about Iraq before the war can now be verified.  The problem by and large was
> relying on defectors and informants who were out to make a buck.

Oh no, the "intelligence lie" that sold the bulk of those in US and UK 
politics that needed to be so sold, that Saddam had (or at least was 
still actively trying to acquire/build/deploy) WMDs is much better 
understood than that.

Despite some correspondents here earlier ignorant speculations that 
there were, in fact, independently cohesively supporting, _and_ 
reliable reports backing up that position, it has now been fairly 
incontrovertibly shown that the US (aka Cheney and Rumsfeld) had 
already decided that it (they) should go to war in Iraq on the pretense 
that WMDs and what they must really, in their hearts, have known to be 
non-existant "links with Al Quaida" could "justify" their illegal 
attack on Iraq.  Several UK and US diplomatic and intelligence folk 
have now independently disclosed that, individually and partially 
independently they were encouraged, directed and in a few cases 
cajoled, into producing selective "intelligence" and associated biased 
"analysis" of the same specifically to _support_ the reasons for going 
to war that had already been pre-determined somewhere high-up in the US 
power hierarchy (Cheney, Rummy, Condi?).  That selected and biased 
"intelligence" was further winnowed and massaged until it beautifully 
fit the needs for which it was produced.

Sure, part of that "intelligence" was from unreliable sources, but that 
alone can not account for the abject failure of intelligence gathering 
and analysis processes of the UK's and US's pre-eminent intelligence 
services.  Those processes were clearly deliberately bypassed and 
subverted to ensure that the "intelligence" clearly suggested that only 
one line of action could be "justified".

Shrub's recent outbursts about "that goddamed piece of paper" are only 
one of many, many, direly telling symptoms of the total corruption of 
the government of Paul's favourite fellow Texan.

Oh, and the reason for Cheney and Rummy wanting to go to war in Iraq?  
Well, there's the oil of course, and the pork-barrell "rebuilding" 
contracts for their favourite corporations, and the assurance that 
their otherwise pathetic President would never not get re-elected 
during a war -- if you're a US a voter and ever thought or uttered "it 
would us [or "Bush"] look weak" then welcome to being part of the 
world's biggest problem.  And Paul and his buddies all fell for it too, 
just as they were expected to by their favourite political leaders...

But you gotta love the US, eh?  Let's see -- I've visited China once 
this year and the US once.  Guess which country took a photograph of me 
at immigration _AND_ finger-printed me, although I have no criminal 
record of any kind and a "clean" record in terms of all the issues you 
have to declare for immigration and customs purposes in both countries?

Yep, that's right, that morally degenerate, freedom-repressed, emerging 
from (or is that into?) the third-world, fascist country the United 
States of America...


Nick FitzGerald

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