[funsec] Britain will be first country to monitor every car journey

Dude VanWinkle dudevanwinkle at gmail.com
Thu Dec 22 11:44:14 CST 2005

On 12/21/05, Richard M. Smith <rms at computerbytesman.com> wrote:
> George Orwell was a Brit, right?  It looks like he understood very well the
> mentality of his countrymen.
> Richard
> http://news.independent.co.uk/uk/transport/article334686.ece

Of course they will also be the first to require ms to either Bribe
them with 2,000,000 pounds a day or give up their source, or at least
a stable and unchanging API with clear documentation


Of course I can just imagine reading their court-forced  "clear
documentation" lol

"Prerequisites: Microsoft recommends that you have a PhD in BS before
attempting to read this manual"
-Future Documentation

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