[funsec] Federal agents' visit was a hoax

Paul Schmehl pauls at utdallas.edu
Thu Dec 29 18:13:56 CST 2005

--On December 29, 2005 6:47:20 PM -0500 Valdis.Kletnieks at vt.edu wrote:

> On Thu, 29 Dec 2005 15:23:21 PST, Anthony Rodgers said:
>> I think it's the reputations of the media agencies that ran with the
>> story that should suffer.....
>> .... assuming, of course, that they had any to start with....
> The sad part is that the only reason the story had any legs at all
> because we believed it to be plausible behavior on the government's part.
It's not sad at all.  It's the inevitable result of repeatedly lying about 
what the government is doing.  The best example is the claim that they spy 
on libraries, which is what this man was taking advantage of.  There's not 
a single word in the Patriot Act about libraries, but that doesn't stop its 
opponents from repeating the canard or the press from credulously repeating 
the canard.

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