[funsec] Sony, Rootkits and Digital Rights Management Gone Too Far

Florian Weimer fw at deneb.enyo.de
Tue Nov 1 08:20:27 CST 2005

* Nick FitzGerald:

> Some of us were alerted to this a week or so back, but were honour 
> bound not to "go public", at least for a while.  However, as Systernals 
> has found and reported it independently that has changed...
>    http://www.f-secure.com/v-descs/xcp_drm.shtml
>    http://www.f-secure.com/weblog/archives/archive-112005.html#00000691

The really interesting question is if you can legally publish software
which removes such rootkits.  Even detection is a tricky subject.

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