[funsec] Spy cameras to spot UK drivers' every move

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 Big brother is watching the Brits.....

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The Sunday Times	 November 13, 2005	

Spy cameras to spot drivers' every move
Emma Smith and Dipesh Gadher

BRITAIN'S top traffic policeman is pushing through plans to create a
national network of roadside spy cameras that will be able to track the
movements of motorists around the clock. 

Meredydd Hughes wants the cameras to be installed every 400 yards on
motorways, as well as at supermarkets, petrol stations and in town centres. 

They are designed to crack down on uninsured driving, road tax evasion and
stolen cars, but will also monitor millions of law-abiding drivers. 

Several thousand cameras have gone up and fines imposed on motorists will be
used to expand the network. The new cameras are harder to spot than speed
cameras because they are not painted in bright colours. 


Details of any vehicle passing a camera will be stored in a database for at
least two years - even if the owner has not committed an offence. 

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