[funsec] Macrovision Shares Fall on RipGuard Review

Blanchard_Michael at emc.com Blanchard_Michael at emc.com
Tue Nov 29 13:49:03 CST 2005

Only really bad thing about it.  They don't run during the 
winter.  But hey, cheap dates for all of us college types.  :-)

---> and for us married with children types too :-)

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>On Tue, 29 Nov 2005 13:18:37 EST, Blanchard_Michael at emc.com said:
> > somewhere to bring their sweetheart on a date :-)  They could increase
> > theater sales if they lowered the price a bit and lowered the price a
> > on popcorn/soda-pop/candy.
>Actually, they usually can't lower the price of the ticket all that much,
>most theaters are barely breaking even on the ticket sales.  They *rent*
>prints from the studio, often at rates of $20,000 or higher *per 
>week*. Yes, this
>means they need to sell 3,000 tickets at $7 a pop before they can even
>of making money.  Remember they probably have either rent or 
>mortgage costs for
>the theater and so on too...
>In fact, that's why the concession prices are so high - the vast majority
>theaters only stay afloat from profits from the concessions.....
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