[funsec] Kevin Mitnick debunks myths

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Why make stuff up? The truth about this guy is bad enough.

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Via CNN.


To many, the name Kevin Mitnick is synonymous with hacking, the cinematic
sort where a snot-nosed kid thumbs his nose at authority. But, Mitnick says,
the characterization is a bit overdone and the legend untrue, if not

It is true, he says, that he broke into corporate computer systems and stole
source code to satisfy his curiosity, but he denies the stories that he
hacked into NORAD -- North American Aerospace Defense Command--or that he
wiretapped the FBI.

After a well-publicized pursuit that made him notorious, the FBI arrested
Mitnick in 1995. He served five years in prison after pleading guilty to
charges of wire and computer fraud. He was released in 2000 and today runs a
computer security firm. In a telephone interview with CNN's Manav Tanneeru,
Mitnick talks about his past, the state of online security today, and how he
handles what his name has come to mean.



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