[funsec] The end of Phishing in sight?

Aditya Deshmukh aditya.deshmukh at online.gateway.strangled.net
Tue Oct 18 22:00:41 CDT 2005

> DFC> Why is ID theft a non-issue in Europe?
> There are many many differences in the way social security works - my
> social security number/card won't get you anywhere. You can't do
> anything with any of my bank account numbers, 

This is find really disturbing - anyone with an account number can do a 
lot of things without the signature of the account holder. And there are 
Thousands of ways to get the account number.

The social security number is only required by buinesses when he 
transaction  amount is over $5000.

Has anyone tried to give false numbers where it not legally required?
Does this work over there in US ?

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