[funsec] UltraDNS: Internet Security Shield?

Aditya Deshmukh aditya.deshmukh at online.gateway.strangled.net
Wed Oct 19 20:48:49 CDT 2005

> Reading this as a DNS guy, I understood it to mean that the DNS servers 
> will actually somehow differentiate the DNS queries coming from the 
> attacking hosts, and NOT answer them, making it impossible for the 
> attackers to resolve the site being attacked, and allowing the site to 
> really remain fully up and running, for EVERYONE.  (Except the attacking 
> machines, of course.)

How are they going to differentiate between the attacking machine and a non
attacking machine? I would like to know this - and I guess most of the
On this list. 

If you are blocking off the dns quries of the attackers ISP then you are
Off the whole set of *potential* users - give  us some tech details.

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