[funsec] FW: [Politech] U.S. passports to receive RFID implants starting in October 2006 [priv]

Jeff Rosowski rosowskij at ie.ymp.gov
Tue Oct 25 18:54:37 CDT 2005

> http://news.com.com/Passports+to+get+RFID+chip+implants/2100-7348_3-5913644.
> html?tag=nefd.top
> Passports to get RFID chip implants
> October 25, 2005, 12:12 PM PDT

"In regulations published Tuesday, the State Department claims it has 
addressed privacy concerns. The chipped passports "will not permit 
'tracking' of individuals," the department said. "It will only permit 
governmental authorities to know that an individual has arrived at a port 
of entry--which governmental authorities already know from presentation of 
non-electronic passports--with greater assurance that the person who 
presents the passport is the legitimate holder of the passport."

Right because determined people couldn't possible create their own rfid 
tag with the information required.  I give hackers a week before whatever 
method of storing this data has been cracked and replicated.

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