[funsec] The solution to Phishing

Fergie fergdawg at netzero.net
Tue Oct 25 23:08:01 CDT 2005

Not sure if anyone else has seen the L.A. Times article on Sunday:


It's definately worth the read.

Also worth a read:


Never attribute to cluelessness, or ignorance, what you may
be able to attribute to mailce or corruption.

- ferg

-- "Aditya Deshmukh" <aditya.deshmukh at online.gateway.strangled.net> wrote:

> To start up a bank. What, did you think that was impossible? Lots of
> people have done it, you don't need a licence (provided you pretend that
> you aren't a bank) and you don't even need any capital. The one that comes
> most readily to mind is Paypal.
> And in the New Zealand Fitzgerald Bank, online services will only be
> available to those who can demonstrate a degree of Clue. Alternatively, in
> the NZFB, online services will use an authentication system that can't be
> phished.

This bank would be perfect for all 419 emails that need my account to 
transfer millions from some "suspense account" or "inheretance" 

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