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Blanchard_Michael at emc.com Blanchard_Michael at emc.com
Thu Apr 13 13:41:23 CDT 2006

 Winternals trained the Geek-Squad before this happened on how to use ERD
commander, and some of the Geek-Squad people had mentioned that they were
using it illegally before and that they were glad that Best Buy was finally
purchasing licenses.

  It's surprising in this day and age that a large corporation still feels
that they can use software in this manner and never get caught....  I guess
it happens more often than I think...

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On 4/13/06, Don Kennedy <zoverlords at yahoo.com> wrote:
> "Winternals recently contacted numerous Geek Squad precincts, throughout
> country and requested they repair damaged computers...."
> "Geek Squad employees arrived at the location of the damaged computer and
> carried out repairs using pirated copies of Winternals ERD commander."

Before reading the actual court documents, I assumed that Winternals
was using a simple web bug or similar in their software, and Best Buy
was allowing it through their firewall(s). It seems they took the even
easier path, and just had them come fix their computers, and video
taped them using their software :)


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