[funsec] An OCR plug-in for Spamassassin

Nick FitzGerald nick at virus-l.demon.co.uk
Mon Apr 17 00:24:02 CDT 2006

"the Dude" to "der Mouse":

> > Just means you have to render the whole mail before OCRing, rather than
> > trying to OCR the individual images.
> Does anyone know how CPU intensive would it be to OCR the amount of
> messages a large corporation receives in one day? I seem to remember
> omnipage taking a bit of the cycles when it was running and even
> though the OCR systems in development will be a sight better, I am
> still curious if this technology will at first end up being a possible
> DoS before it matures.

I suspect it may be a tad on the heavy side.

There is some brief discussion of this issue in the MIMEDefang thread 
the OP referred to if you want to look it up in the MIMEDefang list 


Nick FitzGerald

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