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> Brian, you are missing the point of the right to bear arms.  The idea 
> was that you could overthrow your government when (not if, when) They 
> became oppressive.

So where's the insurrection?  Or is the current regime not "oppressive"?

> IN MY OPINION, This was the original intent of the founding fathers, 
> not that you should blow away fellow citizens

How can you carry out an armed insurrection *without* that?

You try taking over the US with _any_ kind of weapon, and I bet it will
fail. You gonna nuke em? They are set up so that not all of Them are at
the same place at the same time.

My point is that violent rebellion is not possible anymore, and that was
the original reason to have guns. If we now want to have guns to blow
each other away, well that kinda sux IMO.
How many people die in europe each year from gunshot wounds? How many
stores are held up (at gunpoint or otherwise)? What are the same numbers
for the states?
If you think about these things _D_I_S_P_A_S_S_I_O_N_A_T_E_L_Y, you
might just understand where I am coming from, but probably not.


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