[funsec] Software Glitch, Not Bomb, Shuts Down Atlanta Airport

Nick FitzGerald nick at virus-l.demon.co.uk
Thu Apr 27 22:06:54 CDT 2006

Predrag Ivanovic to me to him:

> > > "Explosive Wednesday"?
> > > Mondays I hate the most... 
> > 
> > Something to do with the silicon chip inside your head???
> Is that,by any chance,reference to Marvin from HGTTG?

Nope -- The Boomtown Rats "I don't like Mondays".  Google will provide 
you with all the lyrics...

> One of my favorite characters from the book. 

Ditto -- in fact, when I was reading the books, my favourite...

> Nah,my line of thought(heh)was: Explosive('bring *your* explosives to work today!') Wednesday,Casual(drink-until-you-drop)Friday,Bloody-first-day-of-working-week-Monday.
> Hence,' I hate Mondays the most'. 

That was pretty much what I thought you meant, hence my suggestion of 
this classic UK post-punk/New Wave song...

Once you've looked up the lyrics and want some background/context, if 
nothing else, read the first para of this page:


(In fact, that page gives you the background for the song and then has 
the lyrics, so perhaps just hit that page if you want to know what I 
was talking about...)


Nick FitzGerald

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