I: I: [funsec] How did they ever get this suitcase on a commercialairliner?

Cornali Remo Remo.Cornali at rcs.it
Mon Aug 7 14:59:59 CDT 2006

Hi, List,
I asked Secure Network about BlueBag voyages, an here is their answer.



Hallo everyone, and thanks for your interest in the BlueBag :)

To answer your question, no, we didn't dare to carry it on our flight.
We shipped it through FedEx :)

Anyway, before we decided to ship it, Delta actually agreed to carry it
on board (excluding the battery), but could not guarantee that we would
get through airport security.

Best regards,
Dr. Stefano Zanero, PhD
CTO & Co-founder
Secure Network S.r.l.

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