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Kevin McAleavey kevinmca at nsclean.com
Sat Aug 12 15:42:38 CDT 2006

At 12:47 PM 8/12/06, Unca Brian wrote:
>I love it when someone knows what I'm watching better than I.

 Sorry for being "misinformed" but all I've read you "double-speaking" comes from ONE source, and it ain't REAL journalism. Been there, done that, "who what when where why." OPINION is for the EDITORIAL page, not "content."  :)

>I wouldn't need to watch any news, I suppose, if I had your contacts.
>If they're not top-secret, perhaps you can point me to them?

 Here, unlike Bob Novak, I have to protect my "sources." So rather than taking it as "truth" how's about you just remember what I said for a later time after Rummy writes a book. IF he can. (grin)

>Unca Brian?

 Yeah, trying to be "familial and friendly" ... if I've made an error in trying to placate, be happy to ignnore from now on. "Unca" out of ME means "respect" ... but like our current regime, good will *can* be squandered over bullsquirt. viz "Lebanon."   :(

>I wasn't, and who cares what you were - or what you say you are, it
>doesn't buy you any credibility. Logs of your current attitudes are
>much more relevant. Stating this, such as you did, is a lot like a
>racist who gets called out saying, "hey, I've had black friends!"

 fair enough ... you're already sounding like one of them religious Zombies causing wars with those words ... but I'll try to press onwards nonetheless - after all, I live in upstate New York ... ya can't have enough fire power. Heh.

 And GIVEN your words, must stand back with respect and insist that you're a "credit to your race despite NASCAR. Heh. THANKS for judging me, but then again from all I've heard you spout, only makes sense. Can you tell me what my horoscope will be next week? Forget which sign I am, but then you've already pigeonholed me from your words apparently. GLAD to see that you reflect all that's "GREAT" about America.    :-\

>The reply to which is always, "did they know you're a racist?"

 Guess I"m guilty then. After all, no TRIAL is necessary anymore.  :)

>That's really the only comment you needed to make.

 Well then ... I guess I need to take back the preceding. Though I'm STILL a bit irked over the dissing of Barry Goldwater and what the PARTY of this REPUBLIC was founded on before it was overtaken by Taliban of the domestic kind that make Osama seem sane.   :(

 No, wanted to see if there was a shimmer of reason ... already have all I need to know. Pronouce thee "malware" ... I *see* now why just neing a company in thed states, nobody's buying ... YOU guys are the reason. I see Pat Robertson went to Jesrusalem so HE could do the whole Alexander Haig "I'm in charge now" thing. NEXT!  :)

 No offense, but I see why America's in the toilet and a grasp of "foreign policy" is just not gonna happen. Sorry to say, too well to play further. 
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