[funsec] "michael chertoff reassured people things would only go so far"

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 Last week CNN reported "kids" yes under the age of 13 I believe the three were, creating "peroxide bombs" and setting them off in their driveway.  CNN even went so far as to state the three items the kids were mixing together in a plastic soda pop bottle and letting explode in their driveway.

  They were arrested and sent to juvenile hall awaiting trial for a Felony Juvenile offense.


  We have 21 people arrested for doing the same thing and wanting to blow up planes with the same bombs....

  Was this terror act really being planned for years?  Or was it being planned for a week after they saw it on CNN and decided that it would be a good thing to try out to kill a bunch of people?

  The media certainly takes things too damned far if you ask me.  They certainly didn't have to mention EXACTLY what those kids were mixing and EXACTLY (almost) where to find the instructions to do the same thing....

  <off soapbox> 

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-- Paul Vixie <paul at vix.com> wrote:

>"I don't see us moving to a total ban on hand baggage at this point"

Let's hope so.

On a related point, I ran across this just a few minutes ago:


As the British terror plot was unfolding, the Bush administration
quietly tried to take away $6 million that was supposed to be spent
this year developing new explosives detection technology.

Congressional leaders rejected the diversion of funds, the latest in a
series of Homeland Security Department steps that have left lawmakers
and some of the department's own experts questioning the commitment to
create better antiterror technologies.



I guess we can all feel (fear?) better now. :-)

- ferg

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