[funsec] The Original Gmail

Peter Kosinar goober at nuf.ksp.sk
Fri Aug 18 09:40:52 CDT 2006

> This dates from 2001, but I cant decipher what it does outside of
> something spam related.
> Does anyone read french?

Mr. Babelfish kindly provided this translation:

Following problems of Spam, it was necessary that I remove all the 
addresses emails which were on an Internet site so that they cannot be 
recovered by robots spammeurs. I thus have but at the point a small 
program which makes it possible to the visitors nevertheless to send 
malls, but without address email appearing. I know that this program does 
not have anything original compared to that. Its characteristic is that it 
can manage several potential recipients. There are the choice between: - 
to post the list of the possible recipients so that the visitor of the 
site can choose, - or to force the selection of one of the recipients: 
practical if one establishes a link of the type "to contact us" on a page 
of the specific site; one can then choose the name of the most suitable 

Though... the source is the best description -- it seems that it could be 
used as a free anonymous spamming gateway ;-)


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