[funsec] write viruses? it's controversy time of the month

Nick FitzGerald nick at virus-l.demon.co.uk
Tue Aug 29 19:34:18 CDT 2006

"..." to Dude:

> > What if the viruses you create are programmed to only work on a
> > private IP range (, or that expire after a certain
> > date (say 1 week).
> >
> > Does that remove the unwanted moral hangups?
> depends on how much you trust someone will be able to disassemble/modify it 
> and re-deploy it without those restrictions...

And as you cannot know either that or that someone not capabale of 
doing that might not then hand it to someone else, you should not do 

> but of course guns makers cannot be held responsible for shootings....

Actually, that's just a legal convenience in some countries that allows 
a powerful commercial lobby to maintain it production of guns.

Further, it is essentially irrelevant if intended as some kind of lame 
analogy, as when a gun manufacturer "releases" a gun, it dooes not then 
go out and start making multiple addition copies of itself and possibly 
liberally distributing those through the time-space continuum.  As the 
latter is the essential "evil" of self-replicating code, your ill-
conceived thoughts about guns are irrelevant.

I think there's a corollary equating the mentioning gun manufacturer 
liabilities as analogous to virus writing/distribution immoralities to 
Godwin's Law...

If there isn't, there should be.


Nick FitzGerald

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