[funsec] write viruses? it's controversy time of the month

Nick FitzGerald nick at virus-l.demon.co.uk
Tue Aug 29 20:28:49 CDT 2006

Larry Seltzer wrote:

> I'm pretty sure Melissa was released on purpose.  ...

Indeed -- see Richard Smith's and my posts on the issue.

> ...  It spread further and
> faster than they guy expected, but it's all still his fault and on
> purpose. 

Ummmm, he initially admitted to writing it, then lawyered up and 
started denying everything and making claims about it being much worse 
than he expcted, etc, etc.

While it may be true that he did not expect quite the level of 
"devastation" Melissa caused, he certainly "expected" it to be big and 
he hoped, if not expected, it to be beigger than anything before it.  
See my response to Michael for the details that seem to have been 
conveniently forgotten (and/or that the FBI never took to court -- 
don't know why but they never persued the VicodiES/Alt-F11 links and 
voluminous evidence tying them all together; there were huge charges 
possible there as several VicodinES "creations" had adversely affected 
many branches of the US government and gov't departments...).


Nick FitzGerald

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