[funsec] TinFoil Hat Don't Work - MIT Research

James Kehl shykta at dione.ids.pl
Fri Feb 3 08:29:52 CST 2006

On Wed, 1 Feb 2006, Todd Towles wrote:

> Mike wrote:
> >  You'll also want to completely line your garage and computer
> > room with the same brass screen mesh (can be copper if you
> > prefer, actually any electrical conductor should work), that
> > way when the government nukes us... Er... When the terrorists
> > nuke us...OR when the Martians send their EMP pulse before
> > they invade, you'll still have a working vehicle and working
> > computers / electronics.   Just don't expect your cell phone
> > to work inside those rooms :-)
> Even if they use the BLU-114/B Carbon Fiber "Soft-bomb"?
The truly paranoid have UPSes and generators - how could the utilities not
be part of the Conspiracy? (That, and the occasional natural disaster
shouldn't be allowed to spoil one's uptime.)

Enough carbon dust could stuff up anything electrical, no matter how
low-voltage, but getting hit by a bomb could be assumed to stuff things
up... and these aren't going to be aimed at server rooms.


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