[funsec] Defcon

Blue Boar BlueBoar at thievco.com
Tue Feb 7 15:20:31 CST 2006

Jeff Rosowski wrote:
> Yea, their contract ran out.  Looks like Defcon will be going back to 
> getting kicked out of every place it's held again like it was prior to 
> the Alexis.

Jeff says that the Alexis was very happy to have them.  They sold more 
booze that weekend than the rest of the year. ;)  They also got 
reimbursed for some damanges, which amounted to Defcon paying for their 
annual renovations.  They also sold out 100% for that weekend, and I 
can't imagine they would any other day of the year.

So if Jeff had an option to go with another hotel, I imagine that he 
picked one that wouldn't gouge him as much, and that would give him a 
better cut.

If he's nothing else, Jeff is a smart businessman.


(Oh.. I'm reply to a "Jeff", I mean Jeff Moss above.. aka Dark Tangent.)

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