[funsec] Six Sigma Security, Inc. Announces the Installation of Ve riChip Corp's VeriGuard System for CityWatcher.com

Fergie fergdawg at netzero.net
Tue Feb 7 14:33:41 CST 2006

Hmmmm. Could it be... profit, perhaps? ;-)

- ferg

-- "Richard M. Smith" <rms at computerbytesman.com> wrote:

Hmm, if VeriChips are clonable as claimed here:  http://cq.cx/verichip.pl, why does Six Sigma think VeriChips are an appropriate technology to be used to "improve security for highly secure areas"?
Six Sigma Security(TM), Inc, announced today the successful installation and integration of the access control module of VeriChip Corp's VeriGuard(TM) Security Suite, including VeriChip's human-implantable RFID microchip, as part of an integrated security solution for CityWatcher.com. As a provider of video surveillance, monitoring and video storage for government and business, CityWatcher.com chose VeriChip Corp. to augment and enhance its overall security solution. Sean Darks, CityWatcher CEO stated that, "Whereas CityWatcher.com is a provider of video solutions for government and business, we wanted to not only improve security for highly secure areas, but wanted do so with the next generation of product that would integrate with our existing system. The VeriChip family of RFID security products was able to accomplish that goal."

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