[funsec] Postage Is Due for Companies Sending E-Mail

Larry Seltzer larry at larryseltzer.com
Thu Feb 9 11:03:35 CST 2006

>>You know what?  Our single biggest problem is people 
>>who go to the effort of subscribing to a mailing list 
>>(and we're talking confirmed opt-in here), and then 
>>they plonk the 'spam' button when they get mail from 
>>the list. 

I hear this all the time. In the very long term I figure RSS should replace
mailing lists because the opting is all client-side. In the meantime it's
actually another thing that Goodmail can help with. They're working on an
unsubscribe intermediary service, where when someone hits the Spam button
for a supported list it gets translated into an unsubscribe request. Of
course they need decide at that point who to undubscribe from what.

Maybe this is something that AOL could help with too. It seems to me that
they have enough infrastructure in place that I, from a confirmable address
like aol-postmaster at mydomain.com, should be able to ask for notifications
that a user has pressed the spam button on mail sent from mydomain.com. I
guess there's potential for abuse here, so AOL can't have too much patience
with the mydomain.com administrator. Am I off-base?

Larry Seltzer
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