RIAA Dirty Tricks [Was: Re: [funsec] Homeland Security Official Sugges ts Outlawing Rootkits]

Fergie fergdawg at netzero.net
Fri Feb 17 21:05:22 CST 2006

Well, funny you should mention this.

For your reading pleasure:

RIAA Dirty Tricks: Gathering Private Info On Kids Of
Accused File Sharer


- ferg

-- Kevin McAleavey <kevinmca at nsclean.com> wrote:

At 08:41 PM 2/17/06, Unca Valdis postulated:
>The RIAA and MPAA already have a line of dentists who want to fix that
>nasty analog hole....

Why do I have this vision of Steve Martin as the sadistic dentist in "Little Shop of Horrors" reaching out and saying, "now SPIT."   :)


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