[funsec] Coldplay's new CD: can't play it, can't return it

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>>Bought it, ripped it, listen to it.  Linux is wonderful.  And 
>>I did not get the insert in my distribution...  oh well.
> Just for the record, I saw this on Demoniod like 3 or 4 weeks before it
> was released to the stores...therefore that DRM rule list didn't help
> much.  Which only supports the point made by Richard. Knoppix, or almost
> anything other than Windows will defeat it.
> -Todd

For a full-time Windows user such as myself, that's a lot of work. :-)

What I find works well is to turn off CD-ROM autorun, and then download
an alternate ripper that doesn't mess with rendering the correct session
of a multi-session disc.  One such is CDex.  That's the procedure if the
DRM software isn't on your box.  If it is, you'll have to find some way
to uninstall it, and then use the steps I describe.

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