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Fri Jan 6 13:50:27 CST 2006

On a related note, via The Inquirer:


'Swedish Students Concoct Music Industry’s Nightmare'

A GROUP OF students at the Viktoria Institute in Gothenburg, Sweden, has worked out a system of P2P music listening and sharing that will make the head of the RIAA wake up in the night in a cold sweat.

The students have developed something they call Push!Music. This is a mobile, peer-to-peer music listening and sharing application.

It runs on WiFi-enabled PDAs and allows users to actively recommend songs by pushing music to other users in the proximity.



This story goes well with Illiad's cartoon for the day:



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-- "Todd Towles" <toddtowles at brookshires.com> wrote:

> For a full-time Windows user such as myself, that's a lot of work. :-)
> What I find works well is to turn off CD-ROM autorun, and 
> then download an alternate ripper that doesn't mess with 
> rendering the correct session of a multi-session disc.  One 
> such is CDex.  That's the procedure if the DRM software isn't 
> on your box.  If it is, you'll have to find some way to 
> uninstall it, and then use the steps I describe.

CDEx is great. That is what I use in Windows, but why fight with all of
that. If you own the CD, just jump on Limewire or BitTorrent and
download the whole thing ;) I know the quality may not be as good and it
may take forever, but it is legal right? However not advised BTW lol



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