[funsec] An interesting packet inspection problem

Stephen Villano stephen.villano at us.army.mil
Mon Jan 16 05:56:52 CST 2006

But it's *SOOO* much more fun to come on shift at beginning of business to
find things are going wrong with no warning.
Why only a couple of months ago I came in, opened our shop, booted up and
logged in (cached logon it turned out) and found I couldn't find the shares
from three servers, then couldn't find the mail server.
I trotted to the server room in the next building and opened the door to
It turned out that the facility lost power, the building UPS kicked in but
the generator had a bad battery. The building UPS eventually failed, the
rack UPS's eventually failed...

Or when I came on shift and found a rack full of servers in various states
of downness (either locked up hopelessly or appearing to be operational,
just missing network connectivity due to the protocol layer having a nervous
breakdown. It seems that the rack UPS decided to die and glitch the power
during the process...

Or when the higher command noc-monkeys decided to block SMTP. Not a big
deal, save to the mail servers for the command!

A few dozen other stories that I am not allowed to relate for security

Calling the Marx brothers help desk...
Getting transferred to either Abbot and Costello or more often Curly, Larry
and Moe...

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> The situation is now resolved.
> It turned out to be a faulty switch on the Linx network, they rebooted it,
> and the problem is cleared.
> Thanks for everyone's help in resolving this. It meant that it was
> possible to clear the problem before it started to affect businesses when
> they opened up today.
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