[funsec] Ameriprise Loses Data on 230, 000 Customers and Advisers

der Mouse mouse at Rodents.Montreal.QC.CA
Sun Jan 29 21:03:53 CST 2006

> On the other hand, laptops often go walkies, and if 10% of your
> desktops have unauthorized downloads of corporate data on them, it's
> likely the laptop percentage is closer to 20% (after all, many laptop
> users will do the extracts so they can work on the plane...)

There's a reason my laptop encrypts everything but the kernel and
bootblocks.  It won't even get as far as mounting / without the key,
and that key is stored nowhere but my memory.  And my live-backup of
the disk backs up the ciphertext view.

Letter agencies and big corporations could probably break the crypto,
if they thought the data worth the resources.  I have lots of
lower-cost holes open to someone with that kind of resources, though,
and I don't think very many casual - or even reasonably-good-cracker -
laptop thieves will get very far.

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