[funsec] Japanese Government to Spam 20 million ^_^;

Peter Evans peter at ixp.jp
Sun Jun 4 23:00:50 CDT 2006

Basically it says "Don't install winny ^^;" 
We'll see if I get one since I am an OCN user and they're NTT. (Although
all my ocn id gets is porn spam... )

(the first pdf link is cute.) The official site is just as cute:

And people worry about being talked down to by advertidiots?
Look how CUTE that page is ^^;

English (note, my opinion of crisscross is about on par with "ew, I stepped in WHAT!"

TOKYO ? Internal Affairs and Communications Minister Heizo Takenaka will
participate in emails his ministry will send next week to tens of millions
of Internet users in Japan and will urge improvements of information security
measures, his ministry said Friday. 

The communications ministry will send the emails next Friday to as many as 20
million people selected from the users of major Internet service providers in
the nation. It will be the largest-ever public relations program via email by
the government, it said.

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