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Important Information About GAIN Software

Claria will stop displaying GAIN pop-up and other ads on July 1, 2006 and
will stop supporting all GAIN Supported Software on October 1, 2006. After
October 1, 2006, GAIN software may not function properly.

Our software will continue to collect data about your web usage from your
computer for research and other purposes as described in our Privacy
<http://www.gainpublishing.com/global/help/privacy_statement.html> Statement
until September 30, 2006, unless you uninstall the software before this

It is recommended that you uninstall all of GAIN Supported Software
presently on your computer. To view a list of GAIN Supported Software
installed on the computer you are currently using click here
<http://www.gainpublishing.com/global/help/installed_apps/73/> .

You can also view a list of products that are part of the GAIN Network and
installed on the computer by following these steps:

Step 1:	 Click on the Windows Start button, select "Programs", "GAIN
Publishing", and then "About GAIN Publishing".	
Step 2:	 When the About GAIN window opens, click on the "What is GAIN" tab,
and then on the link for displaying a list of GAIN supported products.	

To uninstall a GAIN supported application, follow these steps:

*	From the Windows Start button, select "Settings", and then "Control

*	When the Control Panel window opens, double-click on the "Add/Remove
Programs" icon. 

*	When the Add/Remove Programs window opens, locate the GAIN supported
application you wish to uninstall in the list of installed programs, click
on that entry one time, and then click on the "Add/Remove" or
"Change/Remove" button (depending on which version of Windows you are

*	Follow the on screen instructions. 

If you do not use the Windows Add/Remove Programs utility and instead
attempt to remove GAIN-Supported Software by manually deleting files or
folders, it is likely that your efforts will result in an incomplete removal
of GAIN and/or GAIN-Supported software. In this case, please contact GAIN
Publishing technical support at support at gainpublishing.com <mailto:
support at gainpublishing.com>  and they will be able to assist you in removing
any remaining GAIN-related components.

What Does This Mean For You?

If you currently have any GAIN-Supported software installed on your
computer, Claria recommends uninstalling them now. Since Claria will no
longer support these applications in the near future, there is the
possibility that they will cease to function properly. You can continue to
use these products if you choose, and will no longer receive GAIN branded
pop up and pop under ads after June 30, 2006. This doesn't mean that you
won't receive other pop up and pop under ads from other web properties - you
just won't receive any from the GAIN Network.

Additional Links

Determine what GAIN supported programs you have on your
<http://www.gainpublishing.com/global/help/installed_apps/73/> computer

List of  <http://www.gainpublishing.com/global/software/> GAIN-Supported

Uninstall  <http://www.gainpublishing.com/global/help/gainuninstall.html>

Software  <http://www.gainpublishing.com/global/help/privacy_statement.html>
Privacy Statement & License Agreement

Support  <http://www.gainpublishing.com/global/help/> Center

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