[funsec] Re: Exploiting code: The Future

Troy Solo solo at dok.org
Sat Jun 24 06:04:06 CDT 2006

I can't wait till everything is "FIXED" and therefore my life's work is
done.  Early retirement would be best case scenario.

Gadi Evron wrote:
[Snip other people's stuff]
> :)
> I've learned from a credible source that:
> 1. 640 K ought to be enough for anybody!
> 2. In two year there will be no spam.
> 3. Vista will fix ALL vulnerabilities.
> 4. Vista wil make viruses a thing of the past.
> 5. Vista will make spyware a thing of the past.
> So, I guess in 5 years when Vista comes out, we will all be out of work!
> 	Gadi.
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