[funsec] 22 June 1633: Galileo Forced to Recant HeliocentricTheory

StyleWar stylewar at cox.net
Sun Jun 25 14:13:53 CDT 2006

Copernicus correctly postulated that OUR sun was the center of this system
but I don't think it's fair to attribute to him the discovery of solar
systems (in the plural sense of a group of them making up what are in
actuality, full galaxies).



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> > Could it not be said that he discovered solar systems? :) 
> That seems 
> > important...
> That would more correctly be Copernicus, and the Pope 
> probably wasn't too thrilled with *him* either.  Alas, 
> Copernicus lived someplace where this Luther guy had nailed 
> some complaints on the door, so they weren't taking the Pope 
> very seriously there.  However, Galileo had the bad luck to 
> be living in a place and time where the Pope's power still held...

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