[funsec] Failed business plan redux: 'We'll make more money one wa y or another,

Fergie fergdawg at netzero.net
Thu Mar 2 14:07:02 CST 2006

One more comment here.

Carlo hits the nail on the head today over on techdirt.com regarding
this issue. He says:

"BellSouth's CTO says his parents are getting unfairly
charged because they only surf the web and send email, but
have to pay the same rate as everybody else. It would seem
the obvious answer there would be to charge folks like his
parents less for a lower-speed connection, like many companies
do, but he'd rather keep them at the baseline and charge
everybody else more. I guess it's not surprising a telco
exec's got no problem ripping off his own parents."


Bravo, and nicely articulated. :-)

- ferg

-- "Fergie" <fergdawg at netzero.net> wrote:

Evil greedy ISPs. :-)

It would appear that if the telcos get blocked from charging
the content providers, they'll just turn around and charge their customers -- based on traffic valoume. That's right: it looks
like they're kicking around the idea of usage-based billing again.

This time for broadband subscribers.

'Senate Bill to Address Fears of 'Tiered' Access to Net'

'U.S. Broadband Providers Looking to Implement Usage-Based Billing?'

- ferg

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