[funsec] Spam cube

Predrag Ivanovic predivan at ptt.yu
Sun Mar 19 09:50:06 CST 2006

[Sorry for late reply,not properly healed eye injury came back with the vengeance,
so I was offline for a while].

On Tue, 7 Mar 2006 16:04:06 +0000 (GMT)
Drsolly wrote:
> > Check the site for details[1](requires Flash for demos,though).
> I don't have Flash, because I don't know what it does, and I have trouble
> understanding why people will install stuff that has unknown
> characteristics, but that's OK, because I wasn't serious.

Heh.Time to recalibrate my humor detector,I guess <g>.
Flash,BTW,is another piece of technology gone bad,but
that is another rant.

> > What do you think about their choice for AV(Norton/McAfee)?
> > How good are they compared to NOD32,AVG etc?
> I don't know of an antivirus that I'd want to use. I'm *very* nervous 
> about this idea of installing a new piece of software every single day of 
> the year. I know what it was like to create, test and QC for monthly 
> updates. 

You wrote one,right?Dr.Solomon's Antivirus?
It all comes to "do you trust AV vendor?"

> > percent of viruses discovered/removed? 
> You would not believe how difficult this one is to measure.

IIRC,methodology used for one of the reviews was:
1.put as many malware on computer as you can
2.install antivirus foo,with latest updates
3.scan the system
4.wipe the system,reinstall from image
5.put another AV on it
And at the end,calculate percentages.    
> It all requires a lot of hard work, and since reviewers are only paid a
> few hundred dollars to write these reviews, no-one does it, as far as I
> know.

You are right,for software as important as AV are,I rarely come across
any reviews,so users depend on word of mouth and marketing when 
they choose it.

How to pass your MSCE in 21 days: "Chew it well, and
drink a pint of olive oil." -- Charles Cazabon

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