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Drsolly drsollyp at drsolly.com
Sun Mar 19 16:30:50 CST 2006

On Mon, 20 Mar 2006, Nick FitzGerald wrote:

> Drsolly wrote:
> > Marketing is working out what people want and need, and making sure that 
> > they know they can get it from you.
> "My" definition is pithier...
> And I disagree with yours -- if stated along your lines, I'd suggest 
> that this is better:
>    Marketing is working out what people think they need, and making
>    sure that they think they can get it from you.
> Longer term, of course, it's about trying to ensure that they think 
> they need your product.
> In other words, it's about "perception shaping and management".
> In the AV market -- now a very well-established product category with 
> "matured" marketing -- that boils down to "misleading with the truth", 
> as the AV marketeers have fostered the totally BS notion that "AV is 
> essential" 

In an ordinary collection of business computers (which means they're
mostly running Windows), do you think that AV is some sort of luxury 

> to the point that intelligent, fairly well-informed (large 
> corporate) systems managers not only believe the official AV marketing 
> line they collectively write "best practice" documents and such 
> _enshrining_ the use of exactly these products despite them being all 
> but useless for the purposes they putatively fulfill.

I defined, maybe 15 years ago, the purpose of an AV. It is to reduce the
cost of using computers in a world that includes viruses.
> So, "misleading with the truth" is shorter, more accurate and thus, at 
> least to my eye, more elegant...
If you're hoping to be in business in the long term, then you work out 
what they need, and you also find out what they think they need, and then 
you give them both, and try to ensure that they know that they're getting 

You give them what they think they need, so that they buy your product.

But you *also* give them what they *actually* need, so that they're 
satisfied with their purchase, and don't dump you for some other product 

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