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> I'm not sure he actually pleaded insanity (he was extradited from the 
> US to the UK, where he was found guilty, and he was tried in absentia 
> in Italy and also found guilty)

To be pedantic, the last info I had was that in the UK he was found "unfit to 
plead" (basically bats in the bitstream) and therefore could not, technically, be 
found guilty.

> There was also some evidence (found in the US when he was arrested by 
> the FBI (?) to face the UK extradition hearing??) that the Dec 89 
> postal drop in the UK was possibly a "trial run" for a much larger drop 
> Popp was planning.

If I remember correctly the "evidence" was a 200,000 address mailing list with 
similar characteristics to the 10,000 addresses used in the UK and Europe.

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