[funsec] MSRC Down-Low: Publicly Disclosed Vulnerability in IE

Fergie fergdawg at netzero.net
Mon Mar 20 19:41:31 CST 2006

Translation: "Yes, we saw it, tested it, and --yes, it's a problem.
Let's be careful out there!"


Via the MSRC Blog.


You may have heard about an IE crashing vulnerability that was unfortunately publicly posted before the weekend. We just wanted to make a quick note here that, as always, we’re investigating it. So far we’ve determined that visiting a page that exploits it could cause IE to fail. We’re going to continue to look into this but remind you that safe browsing practices can help here, like only visiting trusted websites, etc. If you think you might be impacted though, remember you can contact Product Support [blah, blah...]



- ferg

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