[funsec] Australia: Privacy Breach at Astratel

Fergie fergdawg at netzero.net
Fri Mar 31 12:51:26 CST 2006

Via Autralian IT.


A security hole in Sydney internet provider Astratel's LiveBilling online account management system has seriously compromised its customers' privacy.

Astratel customer Nick Adams notified the ISP after he discovered that he could view billing information and call records for other customers, by lodging their phone number into an online query form.

Mr Adams also demonstrated that non-Astratel member could access the compromised web query service by transplanting code from the page where it was located and placing it at an alternative web address.

"There's no security moving between the pure members section and this LiveBilling part of the web site. You can put anyone's phone number and you pull their call records and their account balance," Mr Adams said.

The link to the compromised billing service was still accessible until late today.



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