[funsec] Ohio County Possibly Exposed Election System to Computer Virus

Fergie fergdawg at netzero.net
Thu Nov 2 14:38:50 CST 2006


Via Freedom to Tinker.


The memory cards that will be used to store votes on Election Day in
Cuyahoga County, Ohio were stuck into ordinary laptop computers in
September, possibly exposing the county’s election system to a virus
infection. This serious security lapse was caught on video through the
efforts of Cleveland resident Adele Eisner and Cleveland-area filmmaker
Jeffrey Kirkby, who has graciously made his raw footage available on
the Internet for personal viewing at

Just one month ago a Princeton evoting study (available at
http://itpolicy.princeton.edu/voting) showed that the memory cards used
in Diebold touchscreen voting systems could carry computer viruses that
would infect voting machines and steal votes on the infected machines.



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