RE: [funsec] bankone/chase non-scam

Larry Seltzer Larry at
Tue Nov 28 18:52:07 CST 2006

>>People should be told that all emails purporting to come from banks
are to be ignored, and then banks have to find another way to
communicate with their customers.

>>My bank uses bits of paper.

We (PCMag) tell them if they get an e-mail from a vendor or a bank or
whatever and they're curious about it to go to the site through their
normal bookmark or by typying in the URL and to check their account on
the site that way.

The e-mails Paul sends are sort of lame, but the only link in them goes
to and I don't see how they could be used in a scam. It
sounds like the user needs a new activation code; if they go to the site
they will be prompted for it.

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