[funsec] Canadian revolution

Drsolly drsollyp at drsolly.com
Mon Oct 23 16:27:37 CDT 2006

On Mon, 23 Oct 2006, Andrew wrote:

> Valdis.Kletnieks at vt.edu wrote:
> >
> > I'm sure the Canadians wouldn't mind opting out - it isn't like there are
> > any axis-of-evil countries with ICBM capability and an anti-moose agenda,,,,,
> >   
> > ------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Everyone knows that terrorists hate freedom and moose are free.
> The moose's time is coming.
> Andrew
> p.s.
> -- I was once told, without humor, that I was likely going to hell for 
> having eaten moose.  Apparently ungulates are off the menu for some  
> religions.

Comfort yourself with the thought that there's at least one religion where 
eating moose is compulsory, and that your friend will likely go to hell 
(or at least to heck) for avoiding moose.

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