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If you're going to gripe about religion, you have to look at what
religions CAN, and HAVE done - look to the Buddhists and the age of
enlightenment and civilization that followed, or look to the Muslims and
their age of civilization, look to the Christians during the Renaissance
period, or the Incas and Mayans and the fantastic cities that evolved
there, or the American Indians and the peace and love they had for their
people, lands and the animals that lived around them and in your own
neck of the woods, look to the Druids and the order that evolved during
their rule.

Modern day Christians however, are not anything to hold up to a candle
with their current use of psychology perverting their own beliefs, not
that they have been doing any good for most of the time they have been
on this planet...  Holy wars, take over South America by killing
everyone there, etc. - also a perversion of their beliefs, just as some
Muslims are doing now.

Religion has done amazing things, but then someone screwed them up, they
changed and perverted and things generally got worse.

Maybe it was someone who decided they couldn't believe in Santa Claus or
the Easter Bunny...?


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Drsolly wrote:
> On Wed, 25 Oct 2006 Valdis.Kletnieks at vt.edu wrote:
>> On Wed, 25 Oct 2006 09:18:30 CDT, Brian Loe said:
>>> congregations that do a LOT of good around the world. How you can
>>> compare modern Christian religions to the wackos in the middle east is
>>> beyond me..
>> I'll go out on a limb here and suggest that if anything, a greater percentage
>> of Christians in North America are further around the bend than the Muslims
>> in the middle east.  Where did "Intelligent Design in schools" and "defense
>> of marriage" stuff come from?
> Intelligent Design is an attempt to upgrade Creationism from a writing in 
> a Holy Book, to a Scientific Theory, which then means that it can be 
> taught in schools on a par with evolution without conflicting with the 
> separation of church and state.
> "Defense of marriage" is a new one to me, what's that all about?
>> And at least the middle east wackos have an excuse - they don't have a
>> constitution that codifies tolerance and equality.  We, however, are
>> actively trying to backslide on those concepts....
> That can only be because you're forgotten what that leads to, but if you 
> need a reminder, look at Iraq.
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