[funsec] Compromised PC Leads To Big Fraud Losses For E*Trade

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Those darned botnets...

Via InformationWeek.


A compromised PC opened the door for cyber attackers to wreak havoc on
online broker E*Trade. The Securities and Exchange Commission, FBI, and
other government enforcement agencies are investigating the crime, in which
thieves conducted fraudulent transactions that cost the brokerage millions
of dollars to cover customer losses.



I manage about 50 laptop toting salesmen. My philosophy in the past has been
they are my customers. They are to be good at selling not computer care or
understanding how it works. I am changing. If you cannot care for the most
basic security needs then keep your dam hands off the laptop!

How long do you think I can keep my job with that attitude?

Thank You 
Randall M  


“You too can have your very own Computer!” 

Note: Side effects include: 
Blue screens; interrupt violation; 
illegal operations; remote code 
exploitations; virus and malware infestations; 
and other unknown vulnerabilities. 

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