[funsec] Did Worm Infect Alaska Candidates' Website?

Fergie fergdawg at netzero.net
Thu Oct 26 22:13:12 CDT 2006

Via C|Net News.


If you're a write-in candidate without major political party
recognition, there's nothing quite like mysterious malicious software
radiating from your Web site to earn you a little extra publicity.

That's what happened this week to Ted and Fran Gianoutsos, a
husband-wife team running for governor and lieutenant governor,
respectively, in Alaska's race.

Late last week, the candidates' Webmaster logged in to do some updates
on the site, only to find that his "firewall went crazy." The problem?
A 2-year-old Visual Basic script worm--known variously as Gaggle.D,
I-Worm.Gedza and Gedza.A--apparently had wriggled its way into each
page of the Gianoutsos' minimalist campaign site at



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