[funsec] Lost Alamos Junkie Explains a Lot

Dude VanWinkle dudevanwinkle at gmail.com
Fri Oct 27 05:06:18 CDT 2006


  Another possible breach at Los Alamos National Laboratory in New
Mexico is raising new questions about data security at the troubled
nuclear weapons facility. Los Alamos police responding to a domestic
violence call on Oct. 17 at the home of former laboratory
subcontractor Jessica Quintana found three thumb drives with markings
indicating they came from the lab, according to Jessica Blea, an
office specialist for the police department. Police also found glass
pipes with methamphetamine residue in Quintana?s home, Blea told
Federal Times on Oct. 26. The FBI searched Quintana?s home on Oct. 20
and seized more evidence, said FBI spokesman Bill Elwell. Elwell said
the report has been sealed and he would not discuss what the FBI
found. Los Alamos spokesman Kevin Roark would not say what kind of
information was on the thumb drives.


Gotta pay fer yer drugs somehow right?

This is about the scariest Halloween story I have read to date


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