[funsec] Sourcefire makes big mistake

Blue Boar BlueBoar at thievco.com
Fri Oct 27 13:36:27 CDT 2006

Wow, once again my amazing grasp of geography bites me in the ass.  Nice 


Brian Loe wrote:
> The viet cong are now in Korea?
> On 10/27/06, Blue Boar <BlueBoar at thievco.com> wrote:
>> Dude VanWinkle wrote:
>> > I know what venture capital is, just had no clue thats what VC stood 
>> for
>> >
>> > I thought you were tallking about the "bad guys" in the vietnam war
>> So, you thought that if you wrote good code and paid your programmers
>> well, then the Viet Cong wouldn't make you take your company public?
>> Wow, I know they have nukes now, but it's worse than I thought.  Last I
>> heard, it was the Israelis that were after Sourcefire...
>>                                         BB

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