[funsec] "Gonzales: ISPs must keep records on users"

Steve Kalman techauthor at gmail.com
Wed Sep 20 06:21:52 CDT 2006

On 9/20/06, Paul Vixie <paul at vix.com> wrote:
> WASHINGTON--Attorney General Alberto Gonzales on Tuesday stepped up his
> efforts to lobby for federal laws requiring Internet providers to keep track
> of what their customers do online.

If he really wanted to protect children from accidentally surfing
porn, he'd pressure ICANN to stop domain kiting.

Bob Parsons (owner of GoDaddy) has an excellent analysis on his blog
at: http://www.bobparsons.com/MayKiting.html

This effort is aimed at something else (news flash: a polititian is
lying). In today's legislatures anything "to protect the children" or
"to fight terrorism" or "to support the troops" [not necessarily the
war] is guaranteed to pass.

Steve Kalman

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