[funsec] Scamming the phishers?

StyleWar stylewar at cox.net
Thu Sep 28 14:56:28 CDT 2006

Beware of the Phish, for they are wise...And quite coincidentally, tasty
with CHIPS! 



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> Hi,
> Is anyone aware of any banks which are creating fake online 
> bank accounts that appear to be valid accounts but with no 
> real money in them?  The idea then is to feed valid login 
> information to the fake accounts to phishers.
> These accounts can then be used by investigators to gather 
> intelligence about how phishers operate.  The fake account 
> can also be used to make phish less attractive by wasting 
> phisher's time on financial transactions that never get 
> completed.  Things may also get really interesting if the 
> false account information is sold to another party for them 
> to steal money.
> As an aside, I just got a phishing email targeting my bank.  
> It arrive 2 mints after I was using my online bank account 
> for paying some bills.  How did the phishers know? ;-)
> Thanks,
> Richard M. Smith
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